What’s Your big data Story?

Big data is here and now and paying off for many types of companies, across industries and throughout different parts of the business. The following big data and big data analytics case studies are full of big ideas and best practices, lessons learned and practical tips. They apply across functions and sectors and for any organization seeking to shape its own big data Success Story.

eBay Activates the Power of big data

eBay leverages data to drive the business forward in all domains, from more accurate reporting to personalizing the customer experience. The company sees data not only as an essential asset, but as its key competitive edge.

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Siemens Stays Ahead with Advanced Analytics

Siemens applies advanced analytics to operational, safety and performance data to uncover new insights into customer needs – and to stay ahead of those needs as they evolve.

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“One Red Cross” Uses Data to Be Powerful and Breathtaking

The American Red Cross uses data from multiple sources to better understand its donor base and deliver “powerful, breathtaking experience.”

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NCR Imagines the Unimaginable with big data Analytics

NCR uses big data to make everyday transactions easier – all 300 million of them. It uses telematics data and predictive analytics to service devices before they break and to deliver the many different services it provides to its diverse customer base.

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FarEasTone Focuses Data on Customers and Competitive Capabilities

With a data-driven information strategy, Taiwan-based Far EasTone Telecommunications closely tracks its customer base – based on average revenue per month and life stage – to find new opportunities, optimize service and enhance its competitive capabilities.

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A Data-Driven Strategy to Double the Business: From Farm to Table

From remote sales teams to operations staff on the plant floor, McCain Foods “lives and breathes ”big data to pay off its philosophy of “Good Food, Good People, Good Business” – which has been the key to realizing the company’s ambitious growth strategies.

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Geisinger Health Systems Moves Ahead with Predictive Analytics

A truly data-driven business, Geisinger has transcended common performance limitations and matured its capabilities to include predictive analytics. The ability to scale and generalize intellectual property, including prescriptive analytics models and proven care methodologies, has left the competition playing catch up.

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How Big Companies Approach big data to Deliver Big Results

Join Cardinal Health and Forrester Research to learn how large corporations can defining a new reference architecture to capitalize onbig data innovation, while reducing complexity, optimizing costs and driving data-driven decision making deeper into operations.

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Applying Analytics for Safer Global Commerce at PayPal

Find out how PayPal manages system loss in a cost-effective way, while enabling the business and improving the customer experience.

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