The Big Data Secret Sauce

    Get ready for big change and full commitment – because adopting big data can deliver transformational value and a new “way of life.”


    Who's Setting the Pace?

    Find out which sectors are adopting early, leading the way and operationalizing big data to drive big value.


    Innovations, Insights & Inspiration

    Rethink what’s possible with the biggest, best and boldest uses of big data – from counterintuitive insights and subtle signal detection to business breakthroughs.


Big Data – It’s Here. It’s Now. It’s Transformative.

Big data is not just some big idea for tomorrow. Today – indeed this very instant – it’s fundamentally changing how companies serve customers, manage operations and define their business models. Maybe it’s happening at your organization. Or maybe at your competitor’s.

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Smarter Answers to Big Data Questions

Want to make the business more proactive, nimble and customer-centric? Or leaner, more agile and truly just-in-time? All of the above? The big data quiz reveals how.

Learn the difference between Big Data  hype and how companies are leveraging Big Data  and Big Data  analytics for competitive edge.

Data Discovery that Makes a Difference

Does your organization have what it takes? This IDC video outlines the people, processes, data and technology companies need to succeed.