What is the business value of Big Data?

Smarter decisions cut costs, improve productivity, enhance customer experience and provide any organization with a competitive advantage. Data is the foundation of great business decision-making and being able to collect, interpret and provide usable intelligence requires data unification and advanced analytics. Data Analytics brings a wide range of dissimilar information together in a way that enables you to make more informed choices and become data driven.

How good is your organization at data discovery?

This IDC video will help you assess what your business needs in terms of people, processes, data, and technology.

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How Big Data Is Making a Difference

Unified Data Architecture ROI

Dell: Welcoming Disruption for Innovation to Create Dell 2.0

Through disruption, innovation and change, Dell is reinventing themselves into Dell 2.0. With the implementation of the Teradata Unified Data Architecture, Dell reaped millions in potential ROI on its first POC use case.

Big Data Driven Marketing

Aviva: Driving Forward with Data to be a World Class Digital Insurer

Aviva employs data driven marketing to develop a relationship with customers on all channels. Teradata enables Aviva through its Unified Data Architecture to proactively interact with customers to increase campaign ROI and drive new value from big data.

Outstanding Customer Insight

Verizon Wireless: Employing Unified Data Architecture to serve 100 million customers

The largest wireless carrier in the US with the lowest churn rate employs Unified Data Architecture to 'listen' to its customers. Using an innovative strategy leveraging the Teradata Data Warehouse, Aster Discovery Platform and Hadoop, Verizon Wireless gains valuable insights for better customer service.

So where do I start?

Now that you know a bit more, you can start to see that utilizing the power of Big Data is like any other business objective. And when it comes to technology, make no mistake – there is a mind-numbing array of choices. This white paper from CITO Research offers a wealth of vital information on next-generation data architecture and how it can easily integrate with your existing system to save you time and startup costs.

CITO Research

Who can help?

Teradata takes the fear out of Big Data so you can see opportunities instead of obstacles. We can help you orchestrate the plan, skills, technology and culture to avoid risks.

But don’t just take our word for it: In 2014, The Forrester Wave named us a leader in Big Data Hadoop Solutions. Teradata fields the largest and most experienced team of Big Data consultants in the world. Over the past three decades, Teradata has amassed the world’s most powerful library for Big Data and Big Data Analytics with an exclusive collection of learning resources for every business area and level of expertise. Teradata fields the largest and most experienced team of big data consultants in the world.