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Teradata named Best Big Data Vendor by Data&StorageAsean (DSA)

January 13, 2017   |   12:47 PM
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Originally posted 12/23/16 by Sakoto Omata, DSA

Teradata had the edge over Cloudera and Fusionex, winning the Best Big Data Vendor category with 42.3% of the votes.

The elders (readers) have spoken and the prophecies (results) are revealed.

OK I will stop. Then again the editor only gets let loose that many times in a year – considering I have to keep my composure most of the year to write about the very serious issues revolving around enterprise data. It’s nearly Christmas so let me have some fun eh?

This year, we had over 1,400 votes from readers around the region. Thanks to all of you who took the time to fill in our form and told us your favourites in the industry.

(Voting is anonymous, we only collect emails to ensure no repeated votes were allowed. So yes, we know some of you submitted the forms several times. Your vote only counts once.)

That aside, I am sure you are all a nervous wreck waiting for the results to be revealed. Ok. I will spare you all the pain. In fact, to save you from having to read my horrible quips, I will list them below. If you do enjoy my wisecracks – I have a separate article on editor’s choice, honourable mentions and I will dissect the result3s. Keep your eyes peeled for that!

Without further ado. The winners.