Data Driven Companies Want to Win Uses Data to Go Beyond the Vision

Being data-driven is at the root of's success. Seth Moore, VP, Analytics & Business Intelligence at shares how they have married their vision intuition to drive data-driven decisions.

Data Driven Toys "R"Us Optimizes Distribution Centers

Like a Swiss Army knife for data & analytics, Patrick Murphy from Toys "R" Us describes all the tools in his arsenal to optimize the supply chain.

eBay doesn't want to connect buyers with sellers. It wants to connect communities.

With Teradata, eBay has leveraged data to truly activate the power of that data to drive the business forward in all areas, from reporting all the way through optimizing the experience for our customers.

McCain Foods doesn't want to deliver snacks. It wants to deliver smiles.

With Teradata, McCain Foods can be data driven towards their growth strategies by accurately measuring their success against their organization goals.