Siemens: Capitalizing on Digitization, the Internet of Things, Automation and the Cloud

Employing as well as automating analytics & data

Siemens is creating new lines of business for its Mobility Division. Reliability is the new commodity and with a scalable ecosystem that employs Teradata Everywhere™, Siemens can guarantee to their customers that rolling stock will operate 100% of the time.

How Big Data Is Making a Difference

The American Cancer Society doesn't want to battle cancer. It wants to eliminate cancer.

With Teradata, the American Cancer Society has transformed their organization to be focused and data driven towards their mission to cure cancer.

McCain Foods doesn't want to deliver snacks. It wants to deliver smiles.

With Teradata, McCain Foods can be data driven towards their growth strategies by accurately measuring their success against their organization goals.

Siemens doesn't want to imagine the future. It wants to implement the future.

With Teradata, Siemens is leveraging data analytics to ensure their customers make it to their destination not only safely but on time.