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Does Your Social Media App Know Too Much About You?

February 1, 2017   |   5:37 PM
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Originally posted 1/23/17 on Forbes by Jayson DeMers, Contributor

How well do your Facebook friends know you? If you’re like most users, only about four people in your social media network can be considered your “real” friends. The truth is, your “friends” and followers just don’t know you that well—but the app you’re using might.

For marketers, it’s no secret that social media apps are hotspots for collecting personal data. These are applications that mandate people to share personal details about themselves, identify their interests, and emotionally react to posts they encounter. It would be a grievous missed opportunity if their head engineers weren’t keeping tabs on all that user data.

So why are social apps so invasive when it comes to these details? Is there an ethical line that should be drawn? And how should you, as a marketer, approach this data?

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