Data driven companies want to win

Capitalizing with Teradata Unified Data Architecture™ and the Internet of Things for Data-Driven Finance

Symantec's 'Customer 360 Project' integrates data during the customer's journey. They are taking advantage of the ‘internet of things' (IoT) and Teradata's Unified Data Architecture™ to improve revenue opportunities and customer satisfaction.

How Big Data Is Making a Difference

The American Cancer Society doesn't want to battle cancer. It wants to eliminate cancer.

With Teradata, the American Cancer Society has transformed their organization to be focused and data driven towards their mission to cure cancer.

eBay doesn't want to connect buyers with sellers. It wants to connect communities.

With Teradata, eBay has leveraged data to truly activate the power of that data to drive the business forward in all areas, from reporting all the way through optimizing the experience for our customers.

Siemens doesn't want to imagine the future. It wants to implement the future.

With Teradata, Siemens is leveraging data analytics to ensure their customers make it to their destination not only safely but on time.