The American Cancer Society doesn't want to battle cancer. It wants to eliminate cancer.

With Teradata, the American Cancer Society has transformed their organization to be focused and data driven towards their mission to cure cancer.

CSS doesn’t want to insure customers. It wants to ensure satisfaction.

CSS is data-driven to be the best in class in customer satisfaction and is using data to be a key differentiator in their success.

eBay doesn't want to connect buyers with sellers. It wants to connect communities.

With Teradata, eBay has leveraged data to truly activate the power of that data to drive the business forward in all areas, from reporting all the way through optimizing the experience for our customers.

Creating Economic Opportunity for All

With over 1B listings and the goal to provide a relevant on-line marketplace, eBay employs a self-service data strategy for its users, fostering global collaboration.

FarEasTone doesn't want to enhance communications. It wants to strengthen human connections.

FarEasTone Telecommunications uses data to understand sales, services and revenue as it relates to their customers.

Geisinger Health doesn't want to diagnose illness. It wants to prevent illness.

Being a data driven business has given Geisinger Health Systems a competitive advantage and the ability to scale and generalize their intellectual properties.

KPN doesn't want to build networks. It wants to build what's next.

KPN uses data to not only gain a competitive edge but to solve business problems and answer business questions.

Data-Driven Decisions at the Core of Maersk

As a data-driven organization, Maersk is able to make intelligent decisions with information that is objective and factual.

McCain Foods doesn't want to deliver snacks. It wants to deliver smiles.

With Teradata, McCain Foods can be data driven towards their growth strategies by accurately measuring their success against their organization goals.

NCR doesn't want to enable business transactions. It wants to enable business transformations.

Teradata has enabled NCR to be data driven to provide their customers the insight to the data that they need to make their businesses successful.

O2Czech Uses Data to Gain a Competitive Edge

Data has given O2Czech a competitive advantage in learning more about their customers behavior to provide them with targeted and relevant communications. Uses Data to Go Beyond the Vision

Being data-driven is at the root of's success. Seth Moore, VP, Analytics & Business Intelligence at shares how they have married their vision intuition to drive data-driven decisions.

Harnessing the power of the Internet of Things

Roche envisions bringing drugs to market faster with Analytics of Things.

Rogers Communications doesn't want to deliver speed. It wants to deliver shared moments.

With Teradata, Rogers Communications leverages data to surpass customer expectations.

Royal Bank of Canada doesn't want to offer financial services. It wants to offer financial freedom.

RBC is using data to be customer driven. Data has provided valuable insight into what they are currently doing as a business and where they want to drive their business.

Siemens doesn't want to imagine the future.  It wants to implement the future.

With Teradata, Siemens is leveraging data analytics to ensure their customers make it to their destination not only safely but on time.

Creating the ‘smartest city’ in the world in Aspern, Austria.

Siemens is innovating with the Internet of Things and the Analytics of Things to build the city of the future, today.

Employing as well as automating analytics & data

Siemens is creating new lines of business for its Mobility Division. Reliability is the new commodity and with a scalable ecosystem that employs Teradata Everywhere™, Siemens can guarantee to their customers that rolling stock will operate 100% of the time.

Data Driven Toys "R"Us Optimizes Distribution Centers

Like a Swiss Army knife for data & analytics, Patrick Murphy from Toys "R" Us describes all the tools in his arsenal to optimize the supply chain.

Uninor, Data-Driven for that Competitive Edge

As a telecom service provider, Uninor uses data to serve their 40 million subscribers and to gain that competitive edge.

Valmet Corporation is Bringing More Value as a Data Driven Business.

Leveraging analytics and data has enabled Valmet Corporation to add more valuable to their agreements and assist in long term partnering with their customers.

Vodafone, Leveraging Data to Understand Their Customers.

By using data, Vodafone is able to better understand and support their customers.

Volvo doesn't want to power better vehicles. It wants to power safer drivers.

As a data-driven organization, Volvo is making fact driven decisions that impact all areas of the business.

Wells Fargo, Driven by Customer Data and Insights

Responding to customer behavior is at the core of Wells Fargo's success as a data-driven business.